Monday 5 September 2011

Zvezda Siege tower

This is one BIG model!!! 20cm´s tall, 9cm´s wide and 11 cm´s deep!!
Tons of brown paint and hours of drybrushing involved.
Fitted easily together...a small gap between the front and side panels (below the drawbridge) but strapping it up with rubberbands as it glued closed it.
Here´s another example of the tower over at Peter´s Cave Blog 
I gave the cow hides one general colour and used a bit of middle gloss to give them a wet look  (they used to tip water over them to stop fires being started on the bare wood by the defender)
One of the good things about this kit is the working draw bridge. The fit is tight enough so that when the bridge is hoisted up it stays put.
The woodwork on the kit is very neatly done ..which doesn´t really look quite right somehow...a bit like it was made using power tools, so I hacked the planks up like here on the drawbridge......
....and here on the tower.