Saturday, 19 May 2012

Converted Medievals

One of the great things about 1/72nd plastic bods..they are comparatively cheap and therefore there´s no great loss when experimenting with conversions.

A group of medieval  conversions,  using Miniart, Zvezda, Airfix, Redbox and Italeri Bods.
An easy conversion. Normally this pair are from Miniart´s French Knights with Assault Ladders, and are supposed to be at the top of the ladder. The odd " ladder clips  " removed, Pin in the foot to attach to a base..finished, two charging knights.
Another easy one. The Archer´s body from Aifix´s Sherriff  of Nottihgham set and a head from the Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War. The standard bearer (from Redbox´s Town and county Levy ) lost his Halberd and gained a flag.
More complicated. A couple  of bods from Zvezda´s English Infantry of the 100 Years War, with a bit of arm twisting / swopping, the hands re-modelled and the seigepark gets a couple of new workers.   
Body transplants. Always a bit dodgy. The top half has to look "natural" on it´s new legs. This isn´t difficult when creating a riding pose but the foot bods are a pain. Both tops halves are from Zvezda´s French Knights.   The trumpeter´s legs are from Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War, the Knave´s from Italeri´s Medieval Tournament and Medieval Challenge.. (one thing..the hand of the trumpeter, the one holding the trumpet..try that at home!!!! )