Saturday 19 May 2012

Converted Medievals

One of the great things about 1/72nd plastic bods..they are comparatively cheap and therefore there´s no great loss when experimenting with conversions.

 Easy conversion. Two from the Miniarts French Knights with assault ladders. Normally they are attached to the ladder but after removing the "ladder Clips" and attaching one foot to a base, two carging Knights.

Another easy one. The Archer´s body from Aifix´s Sherriff  of Nottingham set and a head from the Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War. The standard bearer (from Redbox´s Town and county Levy ) lost his Halberd and gained a flag. 
More complicated. A couple  of bods from Zvezda´s English Infantry of the 100 Years War, with a bit of arm twisting / swopping, the hands re-modelled and the seigepark gets a couple of new workers.   
Body transplants. Always a bit dodgy. The top half has to look "natural" on it´s new legs. This isn´t difficult when creating a riding pose but the foot bods are a pain. Both tops halves are from Zvezda´s French Knights.   The trumpeter´s legs are from Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War, the Knave´s from Italeri´s Medieval Tournament and Medieval Challenge.. (one thing..the hand of the trumpeter, the one holding the trumpet..try that at home!!!! )