Wednesday 7 December 2011

Burgundian Archers

A couple of days ago I realised my Burgundian footsloggers were missing something.  Archers!!
This lot are the armoured archers using bods from Accurate´s Hundred years War english Men-at-Arms and the RedBox Men-at-arms and Retinue set. If you look at them on PSR...don´t appears, on the scans that there are just bods embedded in flash, but I think PSR must have got a pretty badly cast set. Mine were ok and needed only a little knife work to sort them out.
The three archers from the Redbox set..bowstrings added like this :-D
Based for impetus.BTW...a couple of you have asked about my opinion of Impetus. It would take up a lot of space to go into it but basically, it´s not a bad system which you can tweek to suit. It would also be difficult for me to compare..they are the only rules I am using..the last set of rules I used were the Newbury ones for napoleonic and that was 30 years ago