Sunday 18 May 2014

Roman citizens

Some of them I´d painted up as Medieval civilians, especially the Roman Transport set, and seeing as Scalpere Aedificare needs a lot more civvies it´s back to the painting table.
All the bods come from Linear-b´s Roman Transport  and Roman market set´s.
The  Feminas (women)
The  Viris (men) The one in the  yellow tunic used to be part of a pair (Roman market set) but he got a bit annoyed with his mate leaning on him so has finally given him the cold shoulder..
The complete Roman market set.

Saturday 3 May 2014

Roman Slave Market - Linear-b

Unlike the previous set, Roman Port, which contained a couple of slaves, this set is mostly slaves and a couple of sellers / Guards. 6 sellers and guards and the rest slaves, although one woman could theoretically be a citizen looking on in disgust/shock.
There´s a bit of Flash...but not so much that a bit of scalpel work will deal with.
The set divides mostly into little vignettes;
....Brutal guard beating slaves.......the guard would make another addition to an angry mob Scene.....
.....Brutal guard leading a mothers child away....
....brutal seller displaying his female captives. The female on the left could be either a slave awaiting her turn or a shocked onlooker. She doesn´t appear to have sandals so she could fall into the slave category.
....another guard leading away a prisoner.....
...and lastly, two buyers.