Monday 4 June 2018

Anthony Bek and friends

4 more for the Bannockburn Project and another 4 for the Medieval Lords and Ladies post
Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham, Gules, a cross moline (also recerclée) Ermine. His arms are also described as  Gules, a fer-de-moline Ermine.(as HERE) but the Cross Moline seems more likely
Commander of the Second Battalion so he´s got a Standard bearer
Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver and Neidpath.  Sable, six cinquefoils argent, three, two, one
Kings Battalion
Robert de Hiltone (Hylton) 1st Baron Hilton. Argent two bars azure.
Second Battalion
Thebaud de Verdoun.(Tebaud) 2nd Lord Verdon. Or fretty gules a label of three points azure
Second Battalion