Sunday 30 January 2011

Basing Bods

This is how I base my bods and nags.
Tools needed,
1. Thin blade, Carpet kife but remember, they are sharp so you older people, supervise younger model makers!
2. Scissors. The slightly curved nails scissors are good for cuttingaround small discs.
3. Tinlid/old CD,
4. PVA = woodglue,
5. Sharp/fine sand, 
6. Toothpicks,
7. Coffee stirrers, 
8. Drink bottle tops
9.   Babybell wax/Bluetac
10. Round plastic bases.  I make them like this but other similar objects or even squares could be used.

A plastic disc gets attached to a bottle top with a blob of babybell. 
A nag or a bod gets glued (woodglue is fine) to the base and it´s left to dry. When dry,  the bod / Nag can be base painted and painted or the basing can be added and the painting done afterwards. I tried all combinations and with each system, it makes no difference to the final result.
From left to right

1. I put a bit of woodglue onto the tinlid/old CD and add sand, mixing until it becomes a paste. As Goldilocks says,* Not too runny and not too thick..but just right.

2. The paste is then added around the base of the Bod/nag.  To cover as much of the original base as possible I add some PVA with the tip of a toothpick and then sprinkle sand over it.

3. It´s best to leave it all to dry for at least a day. When dried I paint the base dark brown, the drybrush with a lighter brown. Add random blobs of PVA (again with a toothpick) and scatter static grass over it. 

4. Using a thin blade the "sand base" gets seperated from the plastic disc and glued to a bit of thin card. The card can be sourced from cereal packets etc. Leave to dry..usually this takes about an hour. 

5. The edges of the card gets painted mid brown.

*Actually it´s about how hot the porridge is.