Saturday 25 August 2018

US Infantry Standing - Strelets

The ACW Project needs more troops. Ok, they aren´t Airfix but TBH  I couldn´t resist getting this lot.
20 poses in the set but one of those is a Streltsi so 19 actual ACW bod poses. No probs bringing this up to the 20 required  as the Union Regiments had two Standards, so one of the bods from another sprue became a Standard bearer. I´m not too happy with the lowered Standard  pose from the set, I reckon he needs swopping out.
Bit of Speed painting and basing "Old School" emerald green. The bods bases needed clipping on the sides to fit them on the stands.
The Standards are  the 2nd Winsconsin. No particular reason for choosing that regiment apart from the flags were  already saved on file.
The only small Problem is the command bods. There´s not enough of them. There´s  46 bods in each box, 42 when the Streltsi are taken off. With two command sprues it would be possible to create two Regiments.
Still, the sculpting and the poses are great and the biggest plus, very Little Flash.
Now onto the Confederate infantry Standing.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Medieval artillery park

27 blackpowder weapons, ranging from a Pot-de-Fer to a large Bombard, 13 Traction weapons, 126 crewmen and a handfull of seige Equipment, Mantlets, Rams, ladders, a Tonnelon and a Tower.
13 Things that go "whoosh" when they chuck things....
...and 27 Things that go "BANG!!!" when they chuck Things..
136 crewmen. Not all, as some are based with the device they are serving.
Makes are from Airfix to Zvezda.

Total of the Collection so far,, just bods and nags, with this lot added to the previous Army of the light, Army of the dark and the Massed Medieval cavalry Posts;  460 mounted, 475 foot. An obvious imbalance in the Ratio of mounted to foot but  that will alter when I post the medieval armies later.

Friday 10 August 2018

Army of the light, Army of the Dark

After a Marathon of basing  of the wargs and  of the "Knights Errant", both armies on Parade.
Army of the Light
A mix of Adventurers, Elves, Cimmerians, Amazons, Dwarves and "Knights Errant". 
50 mounted, 124 foot

Army of the Dark.
A mix of trolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Wargs, Undead and Balrogs
30 mounted, 175 foot...including 10 Trolls and 4 Balrogs
The army of the light has brought along it´s magicians and sorcerers............
...but so has the Army of the Dark