Monday 12 October 2015

Ancient Roman Town

I´ve never put up any pics of the buildings as one town, and seeing as the Project won´t be going any´s are all the buildings grouped together.

A couple of "over the Roof tops" pics
Links to previous Posts containing most  of the buildings shown in the top Picture
Forum Romanum
Houses  for "plebeians"
Forum Romanum Mk II
Roman Baths /Thermae
Upper class roman house
Roman Taverna - MKII
Admin building and row of Shops
Slave market and temple
Merchants house the Project is closed and it seems a shame to just store it in the cellar, the whole lot is up for sale. Price? I´ve got something in mind*  but I prefer to be open to "suggestions" so if your interested, tell me what you think it´s worth.

*For the whole town, I could re-make individual buildings if anyone´s interested but I would like this lot to stay together.

EDIT. The whole town has now been sold .