Saturday 11 June 2011

Smurf Warrior (Strelets Dacian heavy Infantry)

By any standard this is...or rather was, a pretty dreadfull set. The PSR review rated them quite badly.
To be fair...Strelets took notice of the outcry (rumour is that the sculptor is now seeking new emploment) and they retooled the set and it  here is what it looks like now.A massive improvement!!
I bought this and the Dacian light infantry (also now retooled as can be seen here) before the PSR review and when I opened the boxes I didn´t know wether to laugh or cry. It will probably  end up as a collectors item.
"Now where´s that Gargamel !??"
Hello to Mark. Mark´s a busy bloke...5 blogs!! One of his blogs that i follow, Winter of ´79 is a great site dealing with 20mm wargaming in an alternative Thatchers britian..loads of period info, with tongue in cheek historical references  and his latest post, TAOR: Borsetshire in review (R4, the Archers) is typical, giving a real flavour of the 70´s. Who remembers those dried out Garibaldi biccies or that evil Chicken supreme in the ration packs ? :-D