Saturday 25 July 2020

Hospitaller Knights

From Valdemar -  VM062 Hospitallers.
Just to get my hand and eye back into painting medievals.

Two Templar Knights.
Poor fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon
The one on the right has  the colours are the ones used on thier Battle flag but they look good and make a change from the red cross on white.

Knight of St Thomas
Hospitallers of St Thomas of Canterbury at Acre

Knight of St John
Order of the knights of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem

Knight of St Lazarus. 
Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
I´ve painted these before but as Foot Bods (HERE)
Weapons (swords/Mace), shields, sword sheaths (both empty and with sword) and the head of the downed Nag,  are all seperate.

When painting the nags I advise choosing the final colour scheme and painting the underside before attaching them to a base. Not only is  the underneath of the Caparisons visible (not so well in the pics) but the legs as well.

Legs. A couple of the Nags are posed with just two hoofs on the ground. I used a Pattex Perfect Pen, which  contains Loctite Super Attak gel. Takes a few seconds to hold and a few more minutes to dry but it works on Metal to metal, Metal to card, plastic.