Tuesday 30 June 2020

Anglo Saxon Huscarls with Spears - Tumbling Dice

Set AS2 - Huscarls Spear.
8 Bods in the set, 7 different poses so one pose didn´t get painted. As I´ve noted before, which pose is a repeat in the set you get and wether it is the same repeat pose or the repeated one is  random choice from the other poses,   I can´t say.
Also included are 8 Kite shields.
They got painted up the same uniform colour scheme as the Anglo Saxon Huscarls with Axes set.
Close ups.
The pose second from the right was repeated

Saturday 27 June 2020

Tumbling Dice Vikings - Complete Range

46 foot and 12 mounted bods. If I had painted every Bod from each set it would have brought the numbers up to 48 foot.
Bods from all 8 Viking sets as shown on the Tumbling Dice site HERE:...unfortunately without pics but now they are all here :-)

VK1 - Viking Huscarls with Axes.
Full set review HERE:
VK2 - Bondi Chainmail. 
Full Set Review HERE:
VK3 - Bondi Leather Armour.
Full Set Review HERE:
VK4 - Skirmishers Bow
Full set Review HERE:
VK5 - Skirmishers Hand weapons.
Full set review HERE:
VK9 - Mounted Vikings
Full set Review HERE
VK10 - Viking Command Dismounted
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VK11 - Viking Command Mounted.
Full set Review HERE:
Total TD Viking army

And now with the other makes, Strelets, Emhar and Zvezda.
118 foot and 14 mounted
Left wing (or right from the commanders point of view)
Right wing (or left from the commanders point of view)

I think I might have enough Vikings for now :-)

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Viking Bondi (Leather armour) - Tumbling Dice

Set VK3. 8 Bods, 8 shields (4 flat/4 curved), 4 spears (one with a wimpel), 3 swords,  two axes and a bow.
Half the set have what can be considered "leather armour" (Cuir bouilli), the other half, fur jackets.
I suppose, if wanted, the armour could be painted black and they could have swords (or sword sheaths) attached to thier backs..ala most protrayals of Vikings in any "historical period" series/film
Fur. Not sure what fur it´s supposed to be or if it´s sheep skin. Does sheep skin count as fur?
No..didn´t think so.
Though, I´m Pretty sure it´s not mink or sable. Wolf?

Sunday 21 June 2020

Viking Bondi Chainmail - Tumbling Dice

Set VK 2.
8 bods with 8 shields (4 lenticular, 4 flat) 2 spears and two swords.
I used a couple of flat shields left over from other TD sets and two from my spares box. I also added an Axe from one of the other TD sets.
Close ups

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Viking Skirmishers - Tumbling Dice

Titel on the web site from TD "VK5 Skirmishers  Hand weapons"
8 Bods, 6 shields ,  4 spears, (two of them with pennons), 3 swords, 2 long handled axes, and 1  bow.
Close ups.
Skirmishers? Ok, why not but Most of them wouldn´t look out of place in a shield wall

Saturday 13 June 2020

Viking Archers - Tumbling Dice

Over at TD they are labelled, VK4 Skirmishers Bow.
8 Bods, two of them repeat poses, 8 shields, 4 curved, 4 flat.
I painted the 6 non repeated poses.
Close ups
The two repeat poses are on the far right. As I written before, repeat poses could be any of the poses shown .
I decided not to add shields as they could be used for the other sets.

Thursday 11 June 2020

Airfix 1/76 WWI MKI Male Tank -Take 2

A break from D.A.B´s*...Another go at an Airfix WWI tank.
I´ve built the Male version (Here) and the Female version (Here) before, but this time it´s in honour of a prolific Model builder and long time member of the Airfix Tribute Forum, who sadly left us this year after a long fight with cancer.
I used the colour scheme on the back of the box. I stuck to the pattern as much as I could.
A bit of the build. I didn´t take pics of all stages as, after the base coat had dried,  I got carried away and got the thing finished in two two hour sittings.
Fitting the parts together
Base coat, a mix of ocre, white and a slight drop of mid green.
The brown was plain chocolate brown, the green - mid green with brown added, the black - well, Black 
Tracks painted with a mix of Anthracite/Black and brown. Highlight with a mix of Anthracite and black. 
I glued the tracks straight onto the body using second glue. 
*D.A.B´s = Dark Age Bods

Saturday 6 June 2020

Viking Command Dismounted - Tumbling Dice

Set VK10.
8 Bods, 8 shields (4 Lenticular, 4 flat) 7 different standards.
One of the bods is a repeat from the Viking Huscarls with Axes (VK1)
I added a shield to the same pose in that set,  so in this one he doesn´t get one.
I´ve added an Axe left over from one of the other sets to one of the Standard bearers. He can be the head Bod for the Huscarls with Axes.

The Bod with the winged Helmet. I´ve painted one that same pose in the Viking Comanders post,  but he doesn´t have the winged helmet, he doesn´t have a cloak and his beard is different.
Is there then Variation of  how some of the poses are equiped or is the one in the first post (when I assumed they were TD Bods) an older version? 

Monday 1 June 2020

Mounted Vikings - Tumbling Dice

Set VK9.
8 bods in 8 different poses.
2 pennons, 2 lances/spears (1with a normal point, 2 with boars heads), 3 axes, 2 swords and 8 shields (4 curved, 4 flat)
And now the difficult or better said, confusing bit.
No nags. Well, not with the Bods, they came seperately. They came with the order and they are numbered as C1066H1 - Pony/Light horse. Each Nag set has 4 nags so to mount the whole crew it needs 2 x C1066H1. Within the total of 8 nags there are 5 different poses so I suppose it depends as to which bag you get as to the pose selection.
Also, are the nags included in the price of the Bods? TBH, I don´t know. The invoice isn´t 100% clear. Best to ask (Per E-Mail) first.
Close ups and the 5 different Nag poses.
The Mounted Viking Command set has the nags included with poses 1 - 4
6 is a repeat of 4
7 is a repeat of 2
8 is a repeat of 1
Which means, Poses 3 and 5 are the variables from both sets