Thursday 21 July 2011

Strelets Roman Transport (review)

A little suprise for me when I got home today...The strelets Roman Transport of the mold !!!
The set is only available from Linear-b and is available as of now .
The complete set.
The females of the set. From left to right. 1.Pregnant far as I know the first depiction of a pregnant woman in a mass produced set!!! 2. Rather "relaxed" lady. Yes, that is a mamalian protuberance 3. Woman and young boy. 4. Woman giving a piggy back to a girl.

The men. 1.captive. His top is ripped and hangs around his waist, a rope is bound around his neck and to his wrists.. 2. Old boy carrying his posessions.3., he´s not giving the "comrade" salut, his rased hand is for holding onto one of the mules. 4. Drinking man. His headgear is a leather cap, it has stiching .

1. Another drover. 2. I think this one is a roman can put him behind the captive so that his right hand looks like it is holding the rope bindings. 3. Spear carrier. He wears caligula and his hair cut suggests a roman soldier but he more likely to be a  be a servant, as he has no other weapons apart from the bundle of spears he is carrying

Mules. All come with a set of baggage which is attached by means of a peg on top of the mule. There were also pegs on either side which are meant for the attachment of the baggage which comes with set 2.

The cart. A very easy build..I had to open up the hole a bit on one of the wheels to attach it to the axle but apart from that it fits together well. A little on the small sid, especially when compared to the two beasts pulling it but a servicable bit of kit.

Benny and Buddy. These are big impressive looking oxen. They really are very nice models.

What do I think of the set?? All in all  very nice. The style is unmistakeably that of strelets, the  sculpting is the among the best to come out of the strelets stable.  Very little flash and the detail is very well done. For instance, the pregnant woman is carrying  a sack slung over her shoulder which has a patch sown onto it.
As always they have done some great poses and I for one love the females/children in the set..a rare enough subject as it is but 4 in one set is good to see.
When I first saw the masters of this set, I wanted it..I can see potential for usage as a set of medieval peasantry / camp followers etc. The mules and the Oxen can be used for a ton of things.
I might add larger wheels to the cart, the smaller ones are typically roman. For ancients fans an absolute must!! A great set of bods..:-D
Many thanks to Marc from linear-b for sending me the set...nice one mate...Gruß   Paul :-D

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