Saturday 25 May 2013

Bannockburn (pt5) Sheltron 3rd battle - Edward de Bruce.

The start of another Sheltron, this one will be under command of Edward de Bruce.
Finding bods to fill the ranks from my collection without buying the Strelets Scottish Schiltron (PSR use the other spelling, Schiltron, which is accurate and  better than what´s written on the box artwork where it´s spelt sciltron) so conversions are necessary.
So far it´s mainly head swops or replacing of weapons.
Sets used;
Strelets Medieval crossbowmen
Strelets medieval Levy (1)
Strelets Medieval levy (2)
Medieval Britian

Two bods from  strelets medieval Crossbowmen set.
This bod is now a trumpeter. His new arm Comes from Hat´s El Cid Spanish command set.
Edward de Bruce. His top and bottom halves come from the Strelets Medieval britian set and the mace from the new weapons range from Valdemar.  His head was turned during conversion to look in the direction he´s pointing.
Standard bearer.

Only a couple more to do and they can be based :-D