Tuesday 10 May 2011

Zvezda Catapult and Miniart Batteringram

The Zvezda Catapult is a very nice bit of kit, a bit on the big side  for 1/72nd but a great looking thing to have on the battlefield. Easy to build and paint, all it needed was the addition of a rope and finished.
When I first saw this on PSR I thought "YUK!!" and when I bought the set  (I only wanted the ladders and a couple of the bods) I still thought "YUK!" when I looked at it on the sprue. Anyway, I got a bit bored so just for fun,  it got built and painted up. Turns out it doesn´t look that bad, apart from the fact that there is no roof, but that will get sorted soon.
Oh, and the wheels came from the Redbox Hussite Artillery set.
Hello to BigMike. Mike has a blog about quiting smoking called Today I quit Smoking.  His headline phrase is "Quitting sucks, not quitting would suck more" I´m going to follow his progress...being a smoker myself, maybe it will give me the nudge to quit.