Friday 27 April 2012

Medieval Town House II

The second medieval house from Fredericus-rex,  town house with shops number 1.
I won´t repeat my  ideas and details as The Town House number 2  only that I´ll add that I´ve come up with a couple of tricks to speed up the building of the house.
1. Pinning the sides together with pins as I glued the wall sections together. This prevents them from falling apart as the next section is attached. The pins I removed after the joins were dry.
2. Using bits of the lasercut sprues to reinforce the internal (unseen) corners. This lends the unfinished construction stages a huge amount of extra stability and helps keep the walls square when duriing later construction.
3. Prepainting the etched wall sheets before adding them to the building. This is not only quicker to do as they are all on a flat surface but the overall colour is then consistant.
The happy family (and dog) with their new house
It´s even got a garage! :-D
The posh end of Styrow on the Foam is growing.
Hello to Michel from Michels Miniaturen Blog. Everything 1/72nd and mostly in my favourite period, the Middle ages. IMHO, Michel is one of the master dio creators...his blog´s well worth a visit