Wednesday 28 November 2012

Mixed conversions

I thought I´d done everything possible with the Caeser orcs set but no!!!
I got a tip at the  Bennos Forum about a possible orc drummer. Then I thought, they need a medic, but one with a red cross bag would look stupid so I converted one into a Shaman.
The drum is made from an old felt tip pen top with a bit of material added and held on with a bit of copperwire. The drum sticks are pin heads.
The Shaman´s cloak..toilet paper (what else?), his bull head from the Orion Gladiators set, the bulls head staff from HaT´s Carthaginian command set and the head from er?..a strelets set...(forgotten :-D)

Now two of the Linear-b bods converted into dice players. The bottom halves are from the Roman Tavern set as is the one leaning on the table.
The other top half, the bod with his arms held out is one of the "3" hidden figs from the Roman Port set
The   little Roman island "Scalpere Aedificare" has had an underground tavern added