Monday 16 July 2012

Medieval Carriage (scratchbuilt)

Not many pics of this type of thing on the web but they turn up frequently in medieval films..
Where they get their designs from I can´t imagine.
Anyway..I wanted one in my collection and as there´s no such kit in 1/72nd..I had to build one.
The whole thing was made from card and balsawood. The leaded windows and door hinges are left overs from one of the  Fredericus-rex houses.

So far I´ve only added the horses but the passengers and driver(s)  will come later.
Good candidates look like they could come from  THIS very nice looking set or THIS one.
The nags were taken from the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great set. The front wheels from Atlantic´s Egyptian cavalry and the rear ones from a broken Atlantic wagon. Front axle from the Zvezda Medieval Field Powder Artillery set
I might replace the reins with thin paper ones when the driver is ready.
Toolbox or for luggage ? The roof I covered with some tissue paper to give the appearance of material or leather.
The roof is removable so passengers can be added.

Hello to Lex Van Rooy  from Picasa. Visit and look at his work HERE
This look like a good series..I wait for it to appear on DVD;