Thursday 22 December 2016

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Bods and Generals

A round up of recent  bits and pieces.

Union General
He has appeared in a previous post but now he´s got a Standard bearer alongside him. The bod is from the Artillery set, sabre sheath added by welding a staple to his side.
The flag...I haven´t a clue whose or what Regiment it is...Looks ok to me though :-)

Confederate General.
Top half from the Confederate infantry set, bottom half from the US cavalry set. His Standard bearer is also from the Artillery set.
As for the flag, it´s one I came across whilst looking for possible HQ flags,  General Robert E. Lee´s HQ Flag*

Both of them are from the  Airfix Guards Band set with head swops and staples added as Sabres.
They´ll get based as soon as I work out wether to have them as part of a Regiment or as add ons to a marching column.

Union officer.
Converted from the Airfix Cowboys set. Staples for sabre and sheath.

Artillery Flags
I´m not sure how or often the ACW artillery   used battle flags, wether they were carried near the battery, flown when they were on the march or to Signal a central Point like the HQ.
Anyways, I found a couple so it seemed a waste to not have them.
The CSA one I´m not sure about. It seems a bit too Long in comparison to it´s height..or have I made a mistake of using the reverse and front sides as one ?

*I know the flags are big but as I´ve said before..this aint no historical reproduction and I like big flags :-)