Wednesday 27 November 2013

Edward the II

..and "friends".

Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray´s Schiltron nearly finished
The man himself
Standard bearer for Gilbert de Clare and Gilbert de la Hay, 5th feudal baron of Errol in Gowrie, Lord high constable of scotland, made Heritable Constable in 1314
And finally Edward II. Born 1284,  he would have been 13 when in 1297,  William Wallace was starting the uprising along with William the Hardy, Lord of Douglas. So yet another reason to scream at the´Historical innacuracy in the  film Braveheart,  as the actor playing him, Peter Hanly, (who was 29 -30 years old at time of making of the film) is definately NOT 13 yrs old!!!  

For Bartek, as requested, A couple of comparison pics of 1/72nd scale Bombards alongside a 28mm Perry Bod .  
1st pic Bombard (same size as the Zvezda one ) in the Zvezda base.
2nd pic,  From left to right.Mars, Fredericus-Rex and and my working bombard (same size as the zvezda one)