Saturday 13 June 2015

Leigh-Pemberton House

Leigh-Pemberton House, Lincoln 

As with the "King John's" Hunting Lodge -Axbridge  some bits and pieces have been altered..the White shop Windows for instance or the Stone base and the rear and right walls (In real life they are attached to adjacent buildings) are entirely made up.
Roof tiles/shingles and Dragon Beam Ends plus Dragon Posts added.
The Roof has roughly the same surface area as the King John´s Lodge but this time I added 9-10 rows of tiles instead of 7-8 (reduced the area of overlap)
 It means more  snipping  but the result is better.
The "planning stage"
Basically this one is a mirror Image of the King John's" Hunting Lodge -Axbridge  building (the jetties are on the other side) which makes it good for creating a "Dark alley" Scene.

Next one? The Guildhall, Thaxted  looks interesting..