Tuesday 18 April 2017

War Trolls - Olog-hai (Set 1)

The First Batch of Trolls from RedBox´s Alliance Fantasy range.
8 Trolls in 4 poses. Minimal Flash which is a doddle to remove due to them being made of fairly hard plastic.
My choice of Skin colours? As These are supposed to be Olog -hai, a new type of troll bred so they are faster, more intelligent and less vulnerable to sunlight, they were probably cross bred. To reflect that (theory) mine  Show animal characteristics, the pinkish Skin and troll ones , the Grey cracked Stone like Skin.
There have been scans of other trolls being made by RedBox (Catapult Crew etc) so  Hopefully they will appear soon.

You´re soldiers of Gondor, no matter what Comes through that gate, you will....
......oh sh.....!!
Close ups. Timmy and Terence....
 ...Trevor* and Troy.
My favourite, Timmy The Troll
Size comparisons.
Considering they are created specifically for 1/72nd, and even after taking the added height of the basing into consideration, these beasts are still  BIG!
Poor Legless faces up to Timmy...He´s got no hope I´m Afraid.

The 28mm Bod may think he has some sort of Chance.. my bet is on Timmy

 *Trevor Looks very much like the Troll at the battle of the black gate in the third LotR film.
My Money would, if the fight between him and Aragorn had been for real, been on Trevor.

In the book, Peregrin Took actually Kills one at the Battle of the Black gate! Considering the size Ratio, the only way he could have possibly have done that is to jump into it´s mouth and use his Body to block it´s throat and  thus choke  it to death, very much like What Alfred ends up doing (against his will) in the Battle of the Five Armies