Monday 23 February 2015

Light Warriors of the Dead Cavalry (Dark Alliance)

As per titel..the light Version of the heavy cavalry..except I´ve swopped the nags with caparisons into the heavy cav unit, the ones without into the light cav.
Would the "dead" have or Need specific Ratings for thier Units? It would be as difficult to deal with one dressed in  Shorts, T-shirt,  flip-Flops and armed with bad language as one smothered from head to toe in Inch thick plate armour and armed with a chainsaw.
A great set, the only Thing missing..a mounted Musician  / Signaller. The set Comes with two musicians, a Drummer and a horn Player but they are on foot
Close ups. (not all the poses)
The "Missile" section. The arms on the Crossbow were non-existant so I created some with a staple.
Note to self; Next time take more care in removing the excess plastic between the nags ears
As with the heavy cav set, I´ll definately get These   again, the conversion potential I can see with both These sets combined with the infantry set is huge,   doubling  the number of poses, if not more,  is definately possible.

All the Light and Heavy cavalry together.

and nope..I ain´t finished with FB..not yet....and nor are a few other People...
Ok..they probably aint got a hope of winning but it Shows  that the  policy   (although understandable) as being a bit dumb and hitting the wrong target.

Interesting is this, quoted from the linked article;
"Having people use their authentic names makes them more accountable, and also helps us root out accounts created for malicious purposes, like harassment, fraud, impersonation and hate speech"

That, IMHO, is complete S**t... They already have ways of blocking People who are using FB for "malicious" purposes, but they don´t. For example, some of the racist /Sexist stuff on FB is dreadfull to say the least or the Impersonation, like the  use of a UK School Girl´s Photos by someone pretending to be her..   reported recently  on the BBC.
Did any of the native americans etc  create accounts "for malicious purposes, like harassment, fraud, impersonation and hate speech" ?
Added to that;
Providing ID doesn´t prove the Person with the account is in fact who they say they are. Do they personally meet every single Person to confirm that is in fact the Person in the ID´s photo? In fact, criminals are more likely to be able  to provide  falsified ID and then happily use FB for Malicious purposes. It makes Fraud  and Impersonation easier.
And...women who get married /divorced  (and some men come to that) and had an FB account at the time of marriage  or divorce  in thier Birth / married Name  (or visa versa )    automatically break this "no use of a psydonym" do a lot of Celebrities from the Film and Music worlds. Michael Jackson, for example,  still has an FB account which gets regularily updated.
Maybe I´m out of touch, but  isn´t re-Animation / coming back from the dead still a Sci-fi idea? And if anyone did..why would they spend thier days feckin about on FB?
Come to that..why does anyone?