Friday 5 October 2012

Henry VII´s Cavalry -DDS

I´ve pulled my finger out and got the whole set finished, to get them of the worktop and two a busy weekend is coming up. Firstly on Saturday Heiden and then Sunday, another new event,  the biggest indoor toys and games fleamarket in our state.

The bases still need a bit of attention, a couple of bunches of flowers from Noch and some  tufts of grass. 

The heavy cavalry section
The medium cavalry. The crossbows supplied were a wee bit small so I´ve used ones from the Zvezda French knights set.
The Royal Tudor flag .  All I did was to resize it ( 2.1cm tall) copy, hit the space bar twice and insert the image again. Wether the white along the flag pole is correct...but it looks fine to me :-D
Henry VII´s Standard. I´ll be getting the Set I can make up a command group and include Henry and some personalities. Might even get around to painting up some landsknechts from DDS...and then of course they will need to have a Landsknecht pikeblock...and a cannon or two :-D