Saturday 3 August 2013

Ancient Christians (Strelets)

24 pieces which make 27 bods (there´s two sets of pairs) which for the Money makes it one very worth while set. The sculpting is very good and there´s very little flash to be dealt with. The ones with bases still attached are to join the inhabitants of Styrow-on-the-Foam, the rest will join the inhabitants of Scalpere Aedificare.
All the poses in the usual Family photo
Priests and baptism (?) The one Holding the bowl. The bod Comes with the bowl Held sidewasy due to the casting process but with a bit of dipping in hot water (use tweezers ) the wrist can be twisted so the bowl lays flat.
Jacob had, as usual misunderstood. He thought that they were having a whip round for him and now he´s feeling more than a Little cross.
Scribe and rich couple. The scribe actually has an ink pot, Stylus (a pen made from bronze, bone or iron) and Vellum. The vellum would be rolled onto a wooden roller with knobs at both ends  called an umbilicus which  appears to be missing.
Prostitute, Client and pimp with his Price list. Not really, I just set them up like this.
The "pimp" is Holding a codex, pages  stitched together  at the spine and bound between wooden boards.  
A stoning or a street robbery?
Shock and Horror and  Hiding away from the sometimes brutal ancient Roman life
The set has some wonderfully sculpted faces
My two favourites from the set.
They really are that small :-D