Wednesday 6 July 2011

The rebellious Folk of "styrow on the fome"

The local towns and villages have got up in arms over the death of Allan Addale and joined the brave (and angry ) folk of Styrow on the Fome. They have elected a leader  democratically during a 15 hour mead drinking session...a certain Rob-In the Hood, a local Gangster who has some experience in fighting but also an expert in heroic poses.
Also, about halfway through the Drinking session, that they would need a frightening standard...the decision was taken to use a head on a pole. The village idiot, Arthur Ritis, who was useless at fighting due to his stiff finger joints volunteered.
Bods from valdemar, Airfix and Zvezda.
Hello to Daz, from Daz´s Model blog. A very skilled model builder...Daz has just posted a great set of WWII re-enactment vehicle Photos..and the photos of his grandfather in the RAF during WWII are cracking. The crashed lancaster pics !!!!