Monday 23 November 2015

Second battalion of the 2nd Nassau Usingen - Grenadiers

"Old School" style.
Using bods I converted 35 plus years ago,  bodies from the Waterloo British Infantry and the heads from the Waterloo British Cavalry (Hussars) 
The officer is a combination from, legs = British inf, head = the hussars  and Body from the mounted officer in the Waterloo Highland Infantry set
The uniform accuracy won´t  please the rivet Counters, no swords etc but this is "old School" fun as it was when I first figures to cover the unit wanted so you had to make do. Also,  back then, without the luxury of the web to check up on colours, equipment etc, all one had, if you were lucky enough to have a decent library nearby, was books and they were often not that accurate either.

The uniform colours etc, I took from Alexis excellent site "Les Uniformes pendant la Campagne des Cent jours-Belgique 1815"
The Flag is from Warflag
I wasn´t too sure about a Grenadier Company having a flag but after much (and sometimes confusing) Research I gave up.  I liked   the idea of using a flag and  it is "old School", the  Grenadiers got one.

The whole allied army so far
Note; I still haven´t got around to sorting the flags out...they are still the wrong way around!!