Sunday 1 December 2013

Upper class roman house

High walls and few Windows facing outwards to prevent Robbers, this house has a small shop.

The "Backyard" (Horti) Basic and not as nice as it could be..maybe I´ll build a better (bigger) house with a full Horti, pillars and all,  at some Point.
The Atrium. The Roof is of the  Atrium impluviatum style (Roof slopes inwards to the courtyard) as opposed to an Atrium displuviatum (Roof slopes to the outer wall of the house and away from centre)   The construction needed to Support the roof meant that it wasn´t possible to add an Impluvium, so, as with the Horti,  maybe at some point I will re-think the roof construction and build a more historically correct version.
Covering the Roof took just under two Sheets of the corrugated biscuit protective paper.