Thursday 17 May 2012

Edward Lear Animals

It was the  birthday anniversary of the artist and writer genius,  Edward Lear or as he would introduce himself, Mr Abebika kratoponoko Prizzikalo Kattefello Ablegorabalus Ableborinto phashyph.  
Born on the 12th of this month, 200 years ago,  there was a lot of discussion on Radio 4 LW about him..and it got me thinking..  :-D

A a camel,
with the head of a horse.
A an animal
the other way around...of course!
The very ungainly looking Hamel
The almost feasable looking Corse
Hello to Mr Lee
Hello to  Michigentile from Michigentile´s Microworld blog. Member of the Valdemar Forum (the place for medieval fanatics) A fan of medievals and he creates some excellent dios on the period.