Monday 30 May 2011

Medieval Village (1/72nd)

Same construction method as the Roman Town, the only real change is with the thatched roofs. These are done by glueing clumps of Handbrush bristles onto  cardboard.
This time I´ve given a bit more thought to the basing. I´ve made the bases so that each section can be rearranged to give a different layout when needed.
The "decoration isn´t finished, bushes , trees, a bit more grass and a few animals will be added.
Random arrangment. The two round huts (pig keeper on the right) are re-used from this dio...NO TAXES!!
View from "pig keepers" across the square, of  the pub
Set up in a  "the injuns are coming!!"  pattern
Some street pieces, a  church and graveyard with charnel house are in construction

Hello to Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers. On his blog,Wilson Eward Toy Soldiers, he shows a grand collection of 54mm Bods and his other Blog, Land of the Lead, deals with all aspects of bod collecting...with some very clever photos..
Hello to Anubis this is where it gets a bit confusing because yesterday I saw that Yarik from Yarik Miniatures blog, announced that his friend had set up a blog...called Anubis Miniatures. but he has an Avatar, and Anubis 88, hasn´t. So either you are both one and the same or......different,  which would be a big coincidence :-D Anyway...thanks to Anubis 88 for following and look at Anub
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is´s excellent painting on his blog...Anubis Miniatures.
I´d like also to give a shout for Irqan´s blog, Plastic Zombie. He´s been about on the net for a while but has just set up his blog and will be using plastic bods for Zombie gaming...looks fun already :-D