Wednesday 22 April 2015

18th Century Fire engine

Another Little scratch build, this time a Fire engine.
There´s a few designs of  Fire engines made in the period from 1700 - 1800, so taking ideas from a couple of them  I came up with this;

Wheels from the Airfix Waterloo French artillery set the rest, Cocktail sticks, bit´s of Balsa Wood, paper, pin heads and florist wire.
The hoses are made from twisted paper, the nozzle is from the Caeser Ancient Egyptian Chariots set (described at PSR as a bowcase or quiver)
The input/Output Nozzles (front left and right) are heads from Picture Frame tacks.
The Pumping handles, front axle and the towing bar are moveable
It really is tiny compared to the other carriages I´ve built and building it was quite fiddly.

Being so small and delicate, it needs somewhere to Keep it so......a fire Station was next on the list.
1cm thick Insulation foam for the walls with a printed stonework covering, the lintel and quoins (the stonework on the sides) from cut,scored  and painted Card, Stone floor printed, the Roof made from biscuit paper, Gable Ends and sign cut Card, sign printed and the sign post a Cocktail stick.
 Home of the B.F.B, the Bodstonian Fire Brigade

"Unveiling" day of the new Fire Station with attendant onlookers HERE