Sunday 1 November 2015

The Bull - Ambridge doesn´t exist....Not the one run by Kenton and Jolene Archer*  but The Old Bull, in Inkberrow,  Worcestershire,  (on which the fictional Bull is based ) does.
No White framed Windows,  the rear and right Hand side walls are made up ( you´d think there would be some side and rear view pictures but I couldn´t find any) and removed the hatch to the beer cellar (in some pics it´s there..others it´s not. )

So..strap some bells around your ankles,  gather around the maypole, hankies Held in the air... ---2..3..4...
"Dumm - de -dumm-de dumm de dumm, dumm -de dum, de da da"

* For those who don´t know, Kenton and Jolene Archer, are characters in a Radio series called the Archers which  is set in the fictional village of Ambridge in the fictional county of Borsetshire (the Dumm - de -dumm...etc) 

There´s detailed maps etc of  how the fictional world of the Archers is laid out, biographies, Family historys, the whole lot..even down to including a fictional ECW Battle, the Skirmish at Ambridge September 1642