Wednesday 4 May 2016


Nope..not a return to the Bannockburn Project from 2014, this lot are a new Valdemar set.

Set contains 10 bods, 1 mounted kniggit, 1 downed nag and some bits and pieces, like shields and swords. The only small let down,,,no pole arms. You get a roll of copper wire to create spears which meant straightening the wire and creating spear heads. Easy enough to do but a bit of a pain so I raided the bits box for Spears and halbards.

As I´d just about exhausted the Coats of arms for the Bannockburn Project and for a bit more choice, I´m adding some from the Falkirk rolls.

De Pinkney´s nag seems to be looking for sympathy from the Viewer
The infantry I painted up as generic types with no  reference to them being scottish or whatever. Valdemar has a couple more Spearmen sets so the Intention is to collect them along with a couple more mounted kniggits and make a dio.

Henry de Pinkeny 
Fought at Falkirk and although he appears to be in a bit of a sticky Situation in the pic,  he didn´t die there.
Or a fess indented gules
Piers de Chauvent
That he was at Falkirk seems pretty clear but I can´t find any other info about him.
Paly of six argent and azure a fess gules back to the lead heap and the 1329 dio.

Teutonic Knights (Pt3)

Another Batch to add to the 1329 diorama
Valdemar-Miniatures: VM029 Medieval mounted Knights resting......................