Wednesday 13 February 2013

Ancient Roman Hospital (linear-B)

This lot are at a battlefield  clearing station but  the set could also be used in a valetudinarium, the hospital within roman military camps.
The set is from Linear-B and goes under the name Valetudinarium.
The battle rages and the casualties are starting to arrive...
...some have been patched up and now await casivac to a safer area.....
...the medical team carries on with it´s grisley work .
Either he is trying to stop the bods headache or give him one!
The population grows but the town of "Scalpere Aedificare" has progresses, but very slowly :-(
The cellar tavern has had the building added and a couple of the warehouses have had roofs added

Hello to Wade from the Dilletante Gamer. He´s got a cunning plan, represent the Stark and the Lannister clans from the Game of thrones series  using 28mm medievals.
Possible in 1/72nd? Nope...I cannot take on yet another project..however tempting it is.