Sunday 13 October 2013

Viking Champion...

...Sven Slawrta and friends. At the battle of Stamford Bridge it that it´s said that one viking Held up the english Forces, killing 40 on the Bridge.  I have to have a bod to represent such a warrior.
Most of the conversions are simple weapon changes, like the following 4, axes instead of spears or a bow.....
....or very simple ones like  putting the arrow on the correct side of the bow stave.
The most complicated was  Sven. Lining the head, Body (from the caesar orcs set)  and legs up was a real pain.
6´8" in his knitted socks,
The entire Viking force to date;

A Clip from the film,  1066 - The Battle of Middle Earth, The fight on Stamford Bridge with the Viking working his way through endless challengers.
 "Stop pushing at the back, stop pushing at the back!!, for god´s sake, st..............."

Death on the Dorset Ridgeway: a Viking Murder Mystery
Interesting bit of archeology about the mass excecution of 50 plus vikings HERE