Wednesday 2 January 2013

Medieval Woodcutter

Although, so far no snow has fallen it´s still a bit cold and the fireplaces of Styrow-on the-Foam need more winter fuel.
Thanks to a good idea from Michael on the Dalauppror Blog, changeable loads,  he can either be a woodcutter returning from his work in the woods, his cart filled with logs or part of the baggage train.

The bod is from the Valdemar Medieval army on the march set. The dog is from Revell´s WWI German infantry and the Mule from Linear-b´s Roman transport set.
The wagon is scratchbuilt,  wheels  Redbox Hussite Artillery ones, the woodwork using the panels from the Orion Hussite war wagon,.
The changeable loads. Also usefull as camp accaesories.