Wednesday 24 June 2020

Viking Bondi (Leather armour) - Tumbling Dice

Set VK3. 8 Bods, 8 shields (4 flat/4 curved), 4 spears (one with a wimpel), 3 swords,  two axes and a bow.
Half the set have what can be considered "leather armour" (Cuir bouilli), the other half, fur jackets.
I suppose, if wanted, the armour could be painted black and they could have swords (or sword sheaths) attached to thier backs..ala most protrayals of Vikings in any "historical period" series/film
Fur. Not sure what fur it´s supposed to be or if it´s sheep skin. Does sheep skin count as fur?
No..didn´t think so.
Though, I´m Pretty sure it´s not mink or sable. Wolf?