Monday 15 August 2011

Fantasy Island

A question...did the makers of Avatar and Dragon hunter make up the floating islands they show ?
The Answer..No. They used references from a rare 12th century manuscript, the Libellus Plumbeus  which clearly shows a floating "island" and gives a full and indepth description of thier uses and users.
I have been given access to this document and have been able to recreate one of the scenes shown as shown below.

Here is the recreation of the floating  island (Insula natantes) An interesting fact I discovered is that the real reason for Stonehenge is not a sundial...but it´s a central docking point..a bit like a big harbour. Apparently there were lots of these structures around the country allowing the pilots of the islands to dock to take on supplies etc.
You may ask yourself  "How did these things travel??" This puzzled me at first but on closer inspection of the Libellus Plumbeus, I discoverd that they moved by means of light breezes along leylines, hence the Stonehenge dock  being on what is supposed to be central "hub" of ley lines
Here we see a farmer, who after helping to secure the anchor rope is asking wether his ploughing is straight. Life was much more simple back then eh??
All the buildings of the islands were built of Welsh blue stone, which is thought to contain magical powers. The tower holds the winding gear for the anchor rope and is a common feature of the islands.

What happened to these wonderfull floating mysteries??? Apparently in 1279, there was a massive hurricane which blew a lot of them out to sea, where lacking the powergrid of the ley lines they simply plumeted into the sea. One particually big one is reckoned to have become the isle of skye. The rest?? Who knows...probably all fell victim to soil erosion.