Sunday 26 December 2010

Pining for Basing

Odd titel but I couldn´t think of another.    (and I´ve got a headache from yesterday :-/ )
This method I use for bods that are going to be based on a preprepared dio and I´m not 100% sure of where they are going to end up...or they are only intended for being on the dio for a short while (they will be used for something else later.."waste not want not" as Auntie Dorris used to say.

I use thin steel wire...this stuff comes in a roll and is nearly half the thickness as a normal pin.
I cut off a 4 - 6 cm length, stick it into a winecork which acts as a handle so my delicate pinkies won´t get scorched....heat it up over a candle.......
............and gently, slowly push it into the foot of the bod. This takes a bit of practice to get it right but once you´ve got the idea it´s easy. When the "pin" is in the foot...wait a couple of moments until it has cooled otherwise the weight will bend / stretch the plastic out of shape.

Works the same on Nags.Here it was easier to just lay the hot "pin" onto the supporting leg and then fill with woodglue.