Thursday 24 December 2015

Crossbows,Mrs Bucket, Roman Guard, Tables, Sheep and Goats

Due to still Feeling a bit "Under the weather" A  X-Mas collection with A few "Bits and Bobs" that don´t merit a post of thier own (some of which were painted a Long while back) put into one post.

Two crossbowmen from Strelets with crossbows from the Zvezda French Knights set
The bod on the left had his crossbow replaced, the other was originally supposed to be Holding a spear was from the Scottish Army of Robert Bruce, but looked better with a crossbow.
Mr´s bucket. Metal...and I can´t remember what make or where I got her from
Roman guards (From Germania Figuren)who ended up on a dio
Tables and benches for the Teutonic Order 1329 dio
More Sleeping knights added to the First lot from Medieval Bedtime
50 Sheep and 10 goats for another dio  called Auenhain 1813

Saturday 19 December 2015

Sitting Knights

After a pause..(a dose of flu Lasting nearly 2 weeks followed by sinusitus) 30 sitting kniggits painted a while back for the Teutonic Order 1329 dio. 14 as German order kniggits, the other 16 in various C.o.A colours, including  some in the C.o.A colours of  Hanau and  Meisen.
Sculpted by Alex, he has given them head swops to add variety.
There´s another 6 to go, but being unable to focus due to having a "thick head" they are in reserve in case any Specific C.o.A´s are required

Meisen, second from left,  and  Hanau next to him.

Monday 14 December 2015

Dick Turpin´s House

Post number 800 ...apparently
Not the one in Thaxted (where he apparently stayed) but the one across the road from the blue bell Inn in Hempstead.
From there (again, according to some sources..he may have worked as an apprentice butcher in Whitechapel and later had a shop in appears record keeping was a bit lax in the early 1800´s) he ran a legal butchers Business and Held cock fights on the grassed area in front of the house.

The whole village finished.
4 houses, 2 Barns, one with a house on the back, a corn silo and a chicken house.
The Haybarrack, beehives along with Fences, a well etc will be  added but as the Basing is done.

Saturday 5 December 2015

Pilgrims - Colonists

All 21 poses from the Imex Pilgrims set, who are destined to become  Bodstonians.
 Hunters/militia. I cut the  Apostles off the bandoliers and added  sachels from the Zvezda French Knights set
 Children. The purply blue tinge on the Turkeys wings has come out in the pic a bit "louder" than in reality
 The bod on the right is described as being a Minister, but after a bit of arm bending he´s now a bookkeeper or Foreman 

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Medieval Camp followers (Pt3)

A couple more additions to the camp followers,
Females from the Imex Pilgrims
Priest from Pegasus California Mission Indians set..head swopped and the Boy cut away to produce a sack
Last bod from the Airfix Robinhood set, head swop, sword exchanged for a bag.

Mule and baggage from the Nexus  Davy Crockett set..but the head has been bent down to make it look a bit more tired / miserable.
Females from the linear-B´s  Roman Slave Market and Roman Transport sets.

15 so far, 2 children,, 5 males and 8 women...and one mule.