Wednesday 2 March 2011


Ok are the conversions :-D
The two red Daleks were easy...saw the heads off at the "neck" and glue back on slightly turned to the left or right. Easy peasy!!
The Emporer Dalek was a bit more difficult. Saw off  the gun/arm area, saw off one layer of "blobs" and glue the whole thing back making a nice chocolate cake. ;-D
The head is made from a wooden bead...pinheads for lights. I did do a much better version but scrapped it cos it looked out of style with the other Daleks which don´t have much detail .
Hello to GReg and  Paint Pig.
At GReg´s Blog,Greg´s Wargaming Blog he makes wargaming scenery, walls, houses etc. Some neat stuff with good little how to articles.
Paint Pig has two bod sites, Three Lil Pigs Painting showing his work on Sci-fi /heavy Metal bods and articles about painting. The other Paint Pig, shows his work on a  wide range of scales and periods.