Tuesday 16 April 2013

Medieval carriage (update)

Finally the carriage can have a "crew" added.
The bods are from the Strelets Crusaders on the march set.
Carriages for transporting people didn´t come into use until after the medieval period but seeing as virtually every medieval film, even those that claim to be historically correct (the Tudors series to name but one) I think my bods are allowed thier comforts as well.
Rude passenger and the crew, The rude passenger has an unfortunate piece of plastic across his left eye.
Two female passengers.
The foot rest had to be made a bit thiker as it proved impossible to set the seat lower to accomodate their legs.
Drinking and driving
The rude passenger having a good old "dig" in his beak
Mrs Miggins is telling the rude passenger what she thinks of his pastime