Tuesday 7 December 2010


So, this looks very odd (no picture of my work today but to be honest, I´m a bit annoyed) but it´s important to all us german Bloggers or better said, all of us that run a Blog in germany or are a german citizen running a Blog abroad. From the 1st of january 2011 ALL of us who run a Blog, Forum, Online shop etc will have to comply with new Youth protection laws.....See links blow



Wether or not the content of my Blog is fitting or not...I don´t know, you never know with laws and the interpretation of them, we´ll see. It would be annoying...seeing as I have just got myself together to start this little old blog and it may (or may not) be prevented from running or as of the 1st it will have to have a stupid. "warning...may contain adult content...go further at your own risk" thing before you get to look at this.
Still..I suppose it is in the interests of protecting children so....????

On a Happier Note :-D. I would like to thank all that look in here, if the name of your blog isn´t up on my blog  list, I apologise..but it doesn´t mean I am not looking at and appreciating  all your work ;.)
Cheers - Greetings