Saturday 1 February 2014

"Gillies" - Bannockburn

"Lay on! Lay on! Lay on! They fail!"
The "camp followers"..or sma' folk, also refered to as "Gillies". Apparently "Gillies"  is a corruption of the Gaelic word for young men. It´s more commonly accepted they were clansmen, who, at the closing phase of the battle, charged en-masse.  

Sets used;
The Scottish Army of Wallace
Scottish Army of Robert Bruce
Scottish Schiltron
Medieval Levy (1)
Ancient Germans

The Standard, is from the Myneris (Menzies) Clan led on the day by Sir Robert de  Myneris. The Clan Menzies still owns a remnant of a set of bagpipes said to have been carried at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, though this claim is debated. The Bagpipes have been altered, two of the drones removed leaving  a canter, blow pipe and single drone, so they look a bit more medieval.

What a big sword he´s got!!..and judging by the flock attached to him (bloody static!!) he´s been hacking the grass.
A poor english soldier who couldn´t run fast enough has been caught by Hamish