Saturday 29 March 2014

Bannockburn Schiltrons - Finished!!!

Finally the last two are finished !! 80 bods in total to cover the ca. 4000 at a ratio of 1;50
Bods used from the following sets (with a lot of conversions)
Military Order Warriors
Foot Military Order Knights
Army of Joan d'Arc
Medieval Britain
Army of Henry V
Scottish Army of Robert Bruce
The Scottish Army of Wallace
Scottish Schiltron
Medieval Crossbowmen
Medieval Levy (1)
Medieval Levy (2)
Shaab with Crusader Crew
Thomas Randolph´s Shiltron
Robert the Bruce´s Shiltron.
A couple more "group shots"

Only a few more "wee folk" , some more English archers and welsh spearmen and then a bit of scenery to do!