Saturday 3 March 2012

Medieval Market Stalls

You can´t have a town without businessmen and you can´t have businessmen without a Market and you can´t have a market without market stalls (or is it stands? )
So far I´ve built 3 of the many different designs which seem (after a web search) the most common.
No wonder the woman is angrily waving her fist...there´s no goods to sell or buy!!!!
The three types, made from coffee stirring sticks. The coverings are printed. The market wares are still to come, boxes of fruit etc.
They can also find a use in the Khandibar scenario As my medieval civvies now number more than 100 and there´s many more to come, I´ll need some more stalls and a couple of big tents for a special set of bods that will occupy one of them :-D