Wednesday 29 April 2020

Norman Staff slingers - Tumbling Dice

Set NF10. As with the light slingers, 8 bods in 4 poses, so again, I´ve painted just the 4 poses.

I said way back in 2011, (HERE) there´s no Medieval  staff slingers in 1/72nd and in a sense, I´m still right. These are after all, Dark ages Bods, two of them wear the classic norman Nasal Helmet and, at the time of posting, I wasn´t aware of Tumbling Dice,  so wether they were  making them before 2011, I don´t know.

As with the light slinger norman set, the other 4 I will, at some point,  convert  into early medievals.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Norman Light Crossbowmen - Tumbling Dice

Another batch of Normans from TD. Light (as in wearing no chainmail) crossbowmen NF13
8 Bods in 4 poses, 6 loose crossbows.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Norman Light Slingers - Tumbling Dice

Set  NF12. 8 Bods in 4 poses. As my basic rule is to try and paint only one of any pose unless I can convert somehow (head swop, weapon change etc)
I´ve painted the 4 poses in a uniformed look. They are Normans after all but obviously they could be used as soldiery for other armies of the period and with a less uniformed paint job.
The other 4 repeat poses? I might convert to early medievals but first a few more dark age bods need painting.
Comparison pic with a Strelets Norman Archer

Sunday 19 April 2020

Tumbling Dice - Saxon General Fyrd (AS4)

8 bods in 8 poses with 8 detached shields.
Mostly spearmen, as it should be. One is swinging two axes so either the shield can be attached to his back, or, as I have done, left off entirely.

No flash. Some of them had extra bits of tin from the base to the butt of a spear but that´s the sprue to enable the spear to be fully cast. Easy to remove, snip, snip and it´s gone, although, I recommend using a stanley knife (other brands are available) to cut it free from the spear as using snippers/pliers tends to leave the butt squashed.

Cast in Tin (pewter) as Paul from TD says on his site
In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy. I cast small items in Tin (Pewter) for strength......

This post is the first of quite a few, I´ve got another 25 sets to get finished😊

Saturday 11 April 2020

Corsairs of Umbar (Pt2)

Second up, the 1st set of Corsairs (Purple Pirates ) from Dark Alliance
12 Bods, flash virtually none to deal with.
This lot are expecting a fight and each of them have at least two weapons  Maces, axes, swords, boarding pikes, daggers and throwing knives.
Close ups
Boarding pikes and a boarding hook
The boss and his shieldmen. The leaf design is a bit odd but maybe he pinched it from an elf?

Both sets together. I´ll add a standard at some point but other projects are taking precedence

Sunday 5 April 2020

A Dark Tale

During the time of the plague, Death approached a small town.

An old man sitting outside the town asked of Death "May I ask, What are you doing here?"

To which Death replied, "You may well ask. I have come to collect one person from each house" and he proceeded into town.

Later that day, Death left the town. A crowd, numbering many more than the count of houses, followed him.
The old man once again questioned Death, asking, "you said you were going to take one person from each house but it appears you have taken many more. Why?"

Grinning,  Death replied,  "I did only take one from each house, the others ? They died from fear."
And with that, he went on his way.