Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the caribbean from Mars.
They look bad on the PSR (Here) site but the sprue I got turned out with less flash than shown on the Review and the small amount that there was, was soon removed with a bit of blade work.
Most of them will end up as part of Jack Dore´s band of Pirate´s and the rest as Bodstonian Militia.
Aha!! Me Mateys!!!
Recruits to the bodstonian militia.
As PSR says, the swords/cutlasse´s are a bit big and should really be trimmed down but I´ve left them big as they look more threatening
Cap´n and first mate.

Anne. I should have cut the cutlass free from the feather in her hat., it Looks like part of the cutlass ..that or painted the feather another colour.