Wednesday 4 March 2015

Medieval Camp Followers (Pt 1)

Every Military Train up until the industrial Age /Mechanisation  (and to some degree they still have some form of camp followers, Private contractors etc )  had large numbers of  civilians following the army on it´s travels.

Camp followers were informal army service providers, servicing the needs of encamped soldiers, in particular selling goods or services that the military does not supply—These  included cooking, laundering, liquor, nursing, sexual services and sutlery ( selling provisions to an army in the field, in camp, or in quarters)

Camp followers were both a support and drain on an army. On the plus side, They provided valuable Services as above . However, camp followers needed to be guarded and  policed; camp followers could be among the most determined scavengers and looters after battles and whilst on the march
This Camp follower contingent could be huge, as in the case of the Tross (baggage Train) of the Landsknecht mercenary regiments . A  1,000-man regiment would be accompanied by up to 500 women and  300 children.

Anyway..history over...part one of the Camp followers.....
The cart is scratch built from CD casing and toothpicks (as HERE ) The luggage is a mix from different makes, including some bit´s from 1/32nd scale WWII kits.
The goat is a conversion (head swop) from The Pegasus Farm Animals set.  The Girl leading it is from the Imex American Pioneers set . She was Holding her Mothers Hand but got an arm swop with the Boy in the set.