Tuesday 15 May 2012

Colonial Beer Wagon

After seeing Michael´s Excellent Water cart I had to have one myself..ok, the medieval ones got in the way but finally I have produced one for the Khandibar colonials. if..and when Hat releases it´s Colonial General service wagons and Oxen carts I will make a small supply train..which will never live up to the genius of this supply column. Some of the photo´s are damm near to looking real, well worth a look...(he said jealously :-D)
Even after a bit of work, the Renedra barrel still has visible misaligned mold lines. Still, they are cheap and Renedra do make some lovel terrain pieces.
Carriage from Zvezda´s Peter the great russian artillery set, horse from Airfix´s German mountain troops..bod from HaT
Hello to Kaptain Kobold :-D