Wednesday 12 October 2011


A new set from Alex, combining some single sculpts that never made it into other sets. As the titel suggests one, the younger kneling bod is getting a knighthood from the old veteran knight.

Hello to Jonathan leboeuf  (twitter? ) thanks for following :-D
Hello to Ironbovin from MUCH to little time blog.  He´s just started with blogging and is doing a great job with the 20mm bods :-D
Hello to Sada from Page of Sada´s Hobby blog.. I like the look of napoleonic warships..but never have been able to get my finger out to attempt one..sada on the other hand has a complete fleet!!!!
Hell to Justin. Justin has 3 of which has adult content, what, I´m not sure..I didn´t look..honest! and the others for Marketing.